Eco Fishing Team


Eco Fishing Team booth 2The Eco Fishing Team of New Smyrna Beach, Florida, led by Danny Perna, has pledged to help the Take Marlin Off the Menu campaign.  The team of anglers is participating in several Florida tournaments in 2011 and will spread the word at each tournament.  The team is asking anglers to report any marlin they see being served in restaurants and supermarkets, and making them aware that the campaign plans on introducing legislation in 2011 to protect billfish.  We will need anglers’ support when the legislation is introduced, and the fishing team will work to build support among anglers throughout the year. 

Eco Fishing booth
To reach tournament participants, Danny graciously offered to set up a Take Marlin Off the Menu booth at each event the team fishes in, where possible.  The first booth was at the Yamaha Contender Miami Billfish Tournament in early April, manned by the team who handed out fact sheets on the campaign and the upcoming legislation, as well as material from NCMC and IGFA.  Danny had a big banner made for us (pictured above), and did all the fact sheet copying at his own expense!  Many tournament anglers stopped by the booth and asked what they could do to help. 

A list of upcoming tournaments where you may see a Take Marlin Off the Menu booth is on Eco Fishing Team’s web site: http://www.ecofishingteam.com/page/tournament-participation.html

Many thanks to Danny and the Eco Fishing Team for helping marlin and other billfish!


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